Poetry and Appetite

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Hypnotherapy, Stop Sugar Cravings

Delicious Peaches

I have sat with many clients, helping them to figure out how to stop binging on candy.

Doing so often brings to mind DH Lawrence’s story about his wife Freida and peaches. Lawrence wrote Lady Chatterley’s Lover, a novel, so salacious for its time, it was banned until 1960.

A neighbor drops off a beautiful bowl of freshly picked peaches. Lawrence’s immediate thought is that when Frieda comes home, she will eat, not one, but the whole bowl. He took some pleasure in his thoughts, and even more pleasure when she did devour all of the fresh peaches.

To me, there is a raw sensuality, even poetry in Freida’s obvious delight. Can you imagine a woman, or her lover, waxing poetic on social media, about eating a whole bowl of peaches? No. No. No.

Freida’s binge feels poetic, even sensual, but certainly not shameful.

There is only a short time in the year when the fruit ripens on the tree and one is lucky to be near enough to enjoy any fruit at its pinnacle of flavor.

It is the magic moment when fruit tastes like art.

Binging on ubiquitous store-bought candy feels very different.

So, for those of you feeling sick from too much candy, and the feel of your belly poking over the top of your pants, download my recordings to stop sugar cravings.

Lisa Crunick

Catalyst for Emotional Change

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I have developed special programs for Body Image, Sugar Addiction, Making Peace with Your Food, and led Break up and Divorce Support Groups.

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The Candy Craze


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