Life Transitions


Feeling Frozen and Hopeless

Are you flip flopping on making an important life decision or just stuck wanting your life to change? With big life decisions and transitions, emotions come up. If talking to your friends and family has not helped you make a move, something out of your conscious awareness may be at play. Hypnotherapy and EFT are fast and easy tools to help you.

Transition, whether it feels like it was hoisted upon you, or you consciously chose it, can be stressful. It is also an opportunity. The sooner you give your mind the message to thrive in the new possibilities, instead of constantly replaying what has already happened, the more peaceful and grounded you will feel, as you transition. Sometimes you declare that your really want something, but you sabotage it in ways that confound even you!

My goal is to help you through

Major Life Transitions

by freeing you from your fears.

Out of Control

You may feel like your soul is being sucked dry by work for which you are no longer suited. You may be entertaining a career switch, retirement, or wondering if it is best to stay put. Your thoughts can be emotionally paralyzing, as you spin your mental wheels looking for the right solution. What I know is that the work I do with people, frees up the emotional energy expended on staying stuck in repetitive thoughts. With this comes new creative ways of looking, feeling, and making your way to a solution that may have been out of your conscious awareness.

Unable to Move Forward

You may really want to buy a house, have perused the market finding many viable choices, and almost signed the papers on several of them, but something inside of you kept you from closing the deal on a property that you really, really wanted. We may discover that you have a deeply ingrained fear that is completely outside the scope of your awareness.

Take Control of the Wheel

Fears outside of your awareness can thwart your desire to get married, have children, move to another city, virtually anything that takes you outside of your present level of existence. Once we address that fear, you will be able to immediately take action and become your desired status of a proud homeowner, parent, or whatever it is that your heart is desiring.

Hypnotherapy Gives You Control

Some people think that they visit a hypnotist or a hypnotherapist to get them to do things. This can be at once attractive and scary. A part of us justs want to do it, and another part doesn’t want to give control to anyone. Hypnotherapy is a fine art that requires your active participation. The design is not to get you do anything you really don’t want to do, the design is to help you flow past whatever is getting in your way.

Lisa is not only a pleasure to work with. She is also an effective and passionate advocate for continuous self-improvement and growth both professionally as well as personally. She is someone to be trusted and counted on to help others identify and efficiently remove obstacles in their way.


Seattle, WA

I got fired from my job and I was feeling pretty devastated. I am still not sure how, but I left laughing about the whole thing and genuinely feeling like it was the best thing that ever happened to me. And it has been.


Seattle, WA

Audio Library

If you are feeling overwhelmed and can't seem to find the time to schedule a session, I have a growing library of digital files to choose from on this topic and others.