Weight Loss and Management


Childhood Conditioning

You may have received comfort as a child in your grandmother’s kitchen, or in front of the TV. As an adult you may try to unconsciously recreate the feelings of comfort and connection by eating, even when you know you are not hungry. You have established neural pathways that can be changed.

You know you are changing when your emotional reaction to certain foods, situations, scales, mirrors, and shopping for clothes pleases you. Transformation cannot be weighed or measured. It is priceless. And you can have it.

My goal is to help you realize

a Healthy Weight Mindset

by getting you out of your own way.

Manifesting a Healthier Perspective

Whether you are struggling to lose weight, considering bariatric surgery, or just need to reconnect with a healthier you, you are in the right place. I offer individualized sessions for savvy individuals who get that their spirit is calling them to heal their relationships with food.

Our work will focus on healing what is creating your unwanted behaviors and embedding into your mind a new way for being in your body. If you struggle with overeating, purging, or not eating, you are already an expert at entering an altered state. Hypnotherapy and EFT Tapping are two gentle tools which utilize your special abilities to help you bypass what is keeping you stuck.

Mom’s “Better than Sex” Cake

I have a soft spot in my heart for anyone with any kind of eating issue. As a child I remember being completely mystified by my Aunt. Upon my her arrival, my mother would ask if she wanted some tea. Her answer was always, “Yes Louise, but no sugar.” and the she would put her hands on her belly and say it was too big. Before you knew it, we were all eating my mother’s Better than Sex cake.

I thought they were crazy, and then I became than same kind of crazy. Now I am clear, sex is better than cake. If like attracts like, and there is a magic magnet within us that allows us to find each other, and you, like me, have found solace with food, only to wake up and realize, you are not in control, I would love to accompany you on your journey to freedom.

Audio Library

If you are feeling overwhelmed and can't seem to find the time to schedule a session, I have a growing library of digital files to choose from on this topic and others.

I have been to Prism, Weigh Down, Weight Watchers and I have spent a lot of money per hour for counseling with a psychiatrist. I learned new things about why I was doing some of the things I was doing in just a few sessions with Lisa. I would recommend what she does to anyone.


Seattle, Washington

Lisa has unbelievable patience and intuition. She listened to me complain and we tapped on the issues. Almost without my realizing what was happening, I changed from a compulsive fat person to someone who really likes to eat right and work out.


Seattle, Washington