Fear, Trauma & PTSD


Suffering in Silence

Whether you suffer with inconvenient fears, feelings of panic, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, you know that it is no laughing matter, yet to be able to laugh about it would be a relief.

Nothing pleases me more as a practitioner than freeing you from all of it. We have been taught to pull ourselves up and just get over it. For many this just doesn’t work, or it works until it doesn’t work any more. It is unnecessary to live a compromised existence.

My goal is to relieve you of

Fear, Trauma and PTSD

as quickly as possible.

From War Torn to Emotionally Free

I had a client whose son kept ending up at the hospital for taking too many pain medications.  Night after night he would wake up in terror. He was afraid to leave his home because of what he might be triggered to do. His life was one trip to the VA after another with no relief in sight.

When we finally met I asked him for a list of his triggers; a box on the street, a woman wearing a burqa, a person talking on a cell phone. And then he told me about the guy on the street who put a gun in his face and asked him for his wallet. He was a highly trained soldier. His killing stories were painful.

Working with him was a dramatic shift from my regular clientele. Working with him changed me, and it really changed him. After about 12 sessions he was able to go to the store, stop his own nightmares, and peacefully ride in the car.

Within a year, he was not anxious, but excited to fly in a plane. He fell in love and they are still together.

Moving Out of Trauma

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is a miraculous tool. Many people are able, after just one session, to talk about what happened to them without tears, a tight throat, or a clenched gut. Rearranging your life to avoid, mask, or suppress your fears and anxiety is not necessary. There is hope.

Whether you fear needles, bridges, small spaces or have what seem to be inexplicable panic attacks, the combination of EFT and hypnotherapy can often help you reduce, manage or completely alleviate your symptoms. No drugs needed!

I will never be able to repay you for bringing the possibility of real happiness back into my life. Thank you. Thanks to your dedication, I now know what real love consists of outside of a family. My fiancee has brought such light and life to me, that every day I am astounded by it. Life is again worth living. So thank you very much. I couldn’t see this happening a few years ago, and yet, here I am, having the best time of my life with a real family that absolutely adores me, in spite of my challenges that still lie ahead. You were instrumental in pulling me back from my own Darkness. You are a lifesaver.


Dallas, Texas

What happened to me was so long ago that I completely dismissed it and yet it was limiting me in almost every area of my life. I feel like a different person. Thank you.


Renton, Washington

My room mate was raped. I was overwhelmed by my feelings. I can’t believe how much better I felt after doing EFT.


Seattle, Washington

Audio Library

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