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Sessions are held remotely and online via Zoom or FaceTime.


P.O. Box 46338
Seattle, WA 98146


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11 AM – 7 PM PST

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.
Lisa Crunick
Catalyst for Emotional Change

Lisa is not only a pleasure to work with. She is also an effective and passionate advocate for continuous self-improvement and growth both professionally as well as personally. She is someone to be trusted and counted on to help others identify and efficiently remove obstacles in their way.

Seattle, WA

I got fired from my job and I was feeling pretty devastated. I am still not sure how, but I left laughing about the whole thing and genuinely feeling like it was the best thing that ever happened to me. And it has been.

Seattle, WA

I am a cyclist and a lawyer. After a session with Lisa, the guys I cycle with asked me, “What happened?” I guess I no longer believed that I was supposed to be in the back. My time on a familiar route improved markedly. I stopped drinking pop AND easily gave up most candy. Unbelievable. I would recommend this process to anyone.

Seattle, WA