Insomnia & Sleep Issues


What Keeps You Awake

If you have already tried progressive relaxation, counting sheep, drinking milk, keeping the room dark, and many of the recommendations for good sleep hygiene, it is certainly worth your time to figure what may be keeping you awake.

The reasons are varied. Some people remember being forced to go to bed before they were ready, and even though it has been years since a parent was involved, the same resistance pattern can kick in. Repeated episodes of sleeping failures can create so much anxiety that simply changing how you think about sleep can do wonders.

Responsibilities that feel heavy or impossible, or a concern that you try not think about during the day can wake you up after just a few hours.  The fear of not being safe in your own bed, even when you know it is illogical, can interfere with sleeping.



My goal is to help you enjoy a

Full Night’s Rest

from a place of safety and comfort.

What Helps You Sleep

Hypnosis that addresses what keeps you from enjoying sleep is invaluable. It can do the trick, even when you have tried audio recordings promising similar results. It is especially powerful because it is created with language and images that resonate with you.

Lisa is like a best friend who not only provides nurturing support but also spot-on insight into your situation, and she does so with a delightful sense of humor. They say laughter is the best medicine. If so, Lisa provides the perfect prescription. Her good-natured humor allows you to see your issue in a different light. You come away with a sense that your problem is not as big as originally feared, and you’re given a remedy through EFT to handle it. If you want to get to the heart of your problem in a nurturing and supportive environment with the bonus of finding some humor in the process, please see Lisa


Seattle, Washington

Lisa, I have used your recording for sleep for years. I pull it out when my thinking about all the things I have no control over, keeps me awake. There is something about the story and the music that allows me to just give it up, and go to sleep. I can’t thank you enough.


Bellevue, Washington

Audio Library

If you are feeling overwhelmed and can't seem to find the time to schedule a session, I have a growing library of digital files to choose from on this topic and others.