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by | Aug 16, 2019 | Body Image, Hypnotherapy

Positive Body Image

A positive body image is fun. Listen to the hypnosis recording below to begin dropping your negative self-talk.

How’s your body image? Not how you look but how you feel? Is there a battle going on that you are ready to drop?

I have memories of carrying my now-in-a-wheelchair brother on the beach while being ashamed of my hips. At some point, something switched in my brain and I refused to complain about my body. The freedom was incredible. The fight dropped. Just try to tell me I would look better with less belly, a smaller waist. I will sweetly tell you to stay in your lane.

Last week my friend says, “Look at me. Fifty pounds, either way, I am sporting the same breast size. My ex and my father hounded me to lose weight. They said I was too fat. Then I would walk out the door and get chased down the street. As a people pleaser, it is crazy-making until you decide that the only standard that works is your own.”

Just yesterday a young client told me she listens to Love the Skin You Are In before going out on a date. She says “It works. I feel more confident.”

Love the Skin You Are in is the first hypnosis recording I created. All you have to do is sit down, click on the link below, close your eyes, and give yourself twenty minutes to feel better about everything.

Have you ever gone to the gym and left feeling so much lighter after your workout? I find that listening to a recording is like that. You release the heaviness of thoughts like shame and feel lighter, just because…

The hypnosis recording Love the Skin You are In is below. Please enjoy!

Would you like a hypnosis recording to help you change a specific behavior?

Lisa Crunick

Catalyst for Emotional Change

I have been using hypnotherapy and EFT for almost twenty years. I’ve taught and or presented at Virginia Mason’s Bariatric Support Groups, Highline Community College, Getty Images, DSHS, and Living Lite Weight Loss Program.

I have developed special programs for Body Image, Sugar Addiction, Making Peace with Your Food, and led Break up and Divorce Support Groups.

Working one on one, with someone like you, to facilitate change, is what I love best. Use the button below to connect us now.


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