Failed Meditators often Love Hypnosis

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Hypnotherapy

You may know meditation is a great idea, but who can sit STILL and FOCUS when your to-do list feels like a mind- tornado?

I understand. I was once a single parent, going to school, teaching, and writing a weekly column on diversity.

Given two free hours, my to-do list would twist in my mind like a tornado.

I learned to stop and drop everything to focus on calming my mind. Choosing between homework, clean dishes, lesson plans, research or writing, felt like trying to capture an object in a tornado.

I would listen to a twenty-minute hypnosis recording and then open my eyes and be incredibly productive, without the swirling stress.

Later in life, I began to notice that my clients would mention that they would repeatedly listen to the custom-made recordings I had made for them, just because they were so relaxing.

In a way, hypnosis is a guided relaxation. Many people seek it out to improve their relationship with everything from food to difficult life transitions. They often continue to enjoy what becomes an easy way to receive the benefits of meditation.

Would you like a hypnosis recording to help you change a specific behavior?

Lisa Crunick

Catalyst for Emotional Change

I have been using hypnotherapy and EFT for almost twenty years. I’ve taught and or presented at Virginia Mason’s Bariatric Support Groups, Highline Community College, Getty Images, DSHS, and Living Lite Weight Loss Program.

I have developed special programs for Body Image, Sugar Addiction, Making Peace with Your Food, and led Break up and Divorce Support Groups.

Working one on one, with someone like you, to facilitate change, is what I love best. Use the button below to connect us now.

Seattle Freeze


Seattle has had the coldest winter in over thirty years. If you recently moved here, you may experience what feels like a freeze no matter what the temperature.

Let Sugar Go


Two hypnosis recordings designed to change your relationship with sugar. These recordings are a game changer. Listen before you go to sleep and let your mind do the work for you.

The Candy Craze


“Consuming sugar produces effects similar to that of cocaine, altering mood, possibly through its ability to induce reward and pleasure, leading to the seeking out of sugar.”