A Surprising Reason Why A Woman Felt Nauseous on Treadmills and Steps

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Hypnotherapy

State of overwhelm.

Both she and her brother had been forced to take lots of swimming lessons; she hates swimming.

I am going to refer to her as Client C. After her first appointment she was very pleased with herself. Her sugar consumption has decreased dramatically, and she was eating better, and feeling better.

Client C is sunshine and bubbles, the kind of person you want to take on vacation with you. She is fun and curious so when she blurted out, “I hate to exercise” I was a little surprised.

“Why do you hate to exercise?”

“I really don’t know.”

“Has this always been true?”

“I used to like it. Before kids, I went to classes with my friends and it was fun. Now I feel nauseous when I am on the treadmill, and even when I am walking up stairs or any kind of an incline.”

“When did that start happening?”

“Maybe after we moved to the lake. It was when the kids were younger and I was so busy running around, I didn’t have time to think about exercising.”

Client C had a sibling drown in a pool, but she was not consciously aware of this until she was a young adult, and read in a newspaper article that her parents had lost a child when she was very young.

Both she and her brother had been forced to take lots of swimming lessons; she hates swimming.

When I ask her to close her eyes and think of a pool, the image was over the top of her head, and she immediately began to feel nauseous. We worked on moving the image to a friendlier place. She was able to do that and the feeling went away.

Later, in a very deep hypnotic state, I guided her to go inside and fix the inner imbalance.

She saw waves in front of her and felt nauseous for a moment, and then, as she was fixing it, the waves went from horizontal to vertical, and the sick feeling went away.

She emailed to report she had been happily using her treadmill, and freely going up and down stairs.

I wasn’t surprised, but I was happy because it allows her to take better care of herself.

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