A Diabetic Stops Eating Candy Bars

by | Mar 11, 2017 | Hypnotherapy

Candy lottery.
Slamming candy bars into his mouth, as a diabetic, wasn’t doing his health, belt size or self-esteem any favors.
A very nice man came in because he was addicted to candy bars. He works out, has a good life, loving wife, likes his work, and so on.

Slamming candy bars into his mouth, as a diabetic, wasn’t doing his health, belt size or self-esteem any favors.

“We can go into your past and figure out why you feel the need to do this to yourself, or, we can give you a way to interrupt your behavior and make different choices.”

No surprise, he chose choices. A few days later, he proudly sent me his glucometer numbers.

Today he wrote me:

“Have not had a drop of candy since I saw you. I barely ever do the circuit interruption either. It’s been over a month. Please write away on how you saved a candy-addicted diabetic’s life. You are awesome, Lisa! Thank you so much for my future.”
Love it. Love it! Oh, by the way, this was a ten-year habit.

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