Be A Babe

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Lisa carefully planned forty-five minutes for the participating women in her Body Image Class to come up with a list of affirmations that answered the question,”What is a Babe?” The discussion was so heated that a whistle and a referee uniform would have come in handy. ¬†After the group agreed to disagree over whether Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and Margaret Meade (yes, you read that right) were babes, a list of affirmations were made and recorded. This will make you giggle, snicker, and just feel lighter in your body.

The first track is a story that gently leads you to see and appreciate yourself in a new way.

This is not a hypnosis. You can listen any time you want to feel great!

  • Be A Babe¬†Meditation | 12:30
  • Be A Babe Affirmations | 15:08


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