Sugar Sugar…When the Lemon Bars are Too Good

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Stop Sugar Cravings

sugary dessert temptations.
Somehow I forgot to remember that the combination sugar and lemon is CRACK for me.
I wanted those fresh organic lemons. They called to me in the grocery store and I answered.

I took them home and rolled one in my hands. I googled lemon recipes. Lemon bars…best lemony Lemon bars ……talk about being a lemon bar snob.

Yea, that’s me. The crust will be perfect. I will wait until it cools to add the lemony food of the goddesses topping. Yes. I too like the crust and the lemon to be separate events.

Discussions on different varieties of lemons. All I know is that I got out my handy dandy electric juicer and squeezed those yellow gems. I quickly measured out what I need for the best damn lemon bars in the world and then I drank the rest. DELICIOUS!

I was almost happy enough to drink it all and not make the lemon bars, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Now, I was on a mission for the mouth-happy of a perfect lemon bar.

Organic flour. Organic butter. Sugar from Mexico. It is not pure white and they list the trace minerals on the bag. Organic fresh eggs. Beautiful eggs with life in them!

The next morning I had just one with my coffee.

I know I know. Then after lunch I was Even….ing out the cut piece, looking to make the remaining lemon bars symmetrical. I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

I was there. You’ve been there…..….. If you have never been there, stop reading now, because we may not understand one another!

I have read Sugar Blues. I know the history of sugar and the rise and fall of armies and nations on its behalf.

I have taught classes and heard about the baby who crawled out of his crib and into the kitchen to get to the sugar bowl! Hell, I have enough family stories to entertain you for a loonng time.

The world is full of people who love sugar. People who will come to your party so they can have some cake.

I clearly understand that when the neurons start YEAHing over sugar and emotional memory kicks in, you gotta do some work or SWEET is gonna win.

HellsBells, I have done lots of work.

My favorite ice cream can crust over forgotten in the freezer. The dark chocolate in my car can bloom before I remember it is there. I can eat just one cookie. I don’t even notice the candy in the store.

Somehow I forgot to remember that the combination sugar and lemon is CRACK ……….for me.

I dropped some off at my daughter’s. Five minutes later my phone rings, “Mom, my friend wants to know what kind of sugar you used. These are really good!

AAAHHHHH! Now, I‘m a dealer!

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