Red has long been known as the color to stimulant passion and appetite. Many restaurants use red. It’s on the walls, in the logos, the container holding the fries. And then there is the red sauce on pizza and red velvet cake.

There is also a trick you can use in the moment. If you are in a situation where you have decided to not eat cake and there it is taunting you. Woman up and look at the cake and turn it grey. Who wants to call your mom and say you ate grey cake? Grey food is unappetizing. Grey is the color of the shiny material inside the casket. It is not a food color. It only takes a second and it works like magic.

No one wants grey pizza, grey donuts, grey cake, grey bologna, grey anything. If grey isn’t enough for you, call me for an appointment, I have more ideas, but grey is a great place to start disconnecting your brain from emotional ties to dismal food choices.

Yes, I turned all of the arty raised doughnuts grey and I haven’t even thought of going there since I did that little exercise. Will I go back? Yes. I just do not want to wake up with donut thoughts running around in my brain like squirrels in the attic and neither do you.

Tonight I went to a taqueria and it was delicious. I loved the retro pattern on the tables. The plate was paper, the food was fresh and pattern on the tables was extremely pleasing to my eye.

Now I am going to be on a mission, looking at food, restaurants, and colors and feeling so good about my power to turn anything grey.

Let me know how it goes for you.