First understand that your brain activity,which is measured with an EEG, reflects the electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other.

The four states most referred to are beta, this is your waking, high alert state, alpha, which is slower and more focused on the here and now, and theta, a delicious state of relaxation. An ever deeper, slower brain wave state is delta. Think deep sleep where your body heals and repairs. Each state also corresponds with age and learning, but that’s for another post.

You may,like many, live much of your your life in a constant state of stress. The downside is that constantly living in a high state of stress is hard on your body.

Each night, as you drift off to sleep, your brain wave activity naturally slows from beta to a more relaxed pleasant brain-wave state of alpha, and then to theta and the real treat of delta.

Hypnosis,hypnotherapy, meditation are all altered states where your brain activity pleasantly slows from the waking state of beta to alpha or to the more relaxed state of theta.

In my experience, what sets the three apart is perceptions and intention, both on the part of the recipient and the practitioner.

Hypnosis often conjures up the notion that someone else is in control. Perhaps a stage show or something truly preposterous from a movie has given you the idea, that hell yes,the mind is very powerful,but acting silly or being controlled is not for you. The perception is that the intention may not be great and giving up control does not feel safe.

Meditation, you may believe you need an altar, to sit cross legged, and tackle the damn hard task of clearing your busy mind. You may believe that if you could manage that everyday, life would be grand and you could float past stumbling temptations.

Hypnotherapy is allowing yourself to be gently guided into alpha or theta with the intention to resolve the unconscious patterns that feel like clouds in the way of what you want to experience in life.

Alpha and theta states create opportunities for you to shine light on your cloud patterns. Say yes to that,and give your neurons the freedom to rebrand your experience.