I recently had someone book a hypnosis appointment for stop smoking. I haven’t had a stop smoking client in awhile and truthfully, while I have had rewarding successes with helping people stop smoking, I did not feel my usual excitement.

 I lost my beloved grandfather to emphysema and then my father to lung cancer. They were both smokers. 

 I started thinking about the stop-smoking hypnosis scripts I have in my head. 

Whether I am cooking, painting, or creating the right words and approach to help a client get results,my pattern is the same. I read or revisit recipes, scripts, approaches and then I close the tabs, books, etc, and follow my intuition. To me, this is the feeling of flow, and I love it.

So my new client comes in and after talking to him for a bit and discovering how he smokes, why he smokes, what motivates him to not smoke, I ask him if he would be open to doing some EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. You may have heard of EFT as Tapping.

 We tapped on his resistance to being a non smoker.  After a bit he said, ”You know, this feels pretty good. I could do this instead of smoking.”  

Can I say how delighted I am that he had the idea before I made the suggestion? EFT is a brilliant tool for shifting an unwanted habit.

Because he had no resistance, I knew his success was imminent. We played around with words until we discovered the best way for him to tap when he had an urge to smoke.

It was really fun and after he left, I worked on my own outdated resistance to working with smokers.

To give you an idea of how EFT works, here are the words I used to tap away my own resistance to working with smokers.

Even though I had this resistance to working with cigarette smokers, I completely love and accept myself. Even though I realize that this  resistance has to do with being reminded of the deaths of my grandfather and my dad.  I let go of any guilt and grief over not being able to help either one of them. I didn’t know what I know now. I let my remaining resistance go. I can enjoy helping smokers stop smoking. I love facilitating change. Helping someone stop smoking is facilitating change. I love what I do.

In a double blind study, an hour of EFT was shown to reduce cortisol levels by 24%.

Church, Dawson. “Clinical EFT as an Evidence- Based Practice for the Treatment of Psychological and Physiological Conditions.” Scientific Research 4, no.8  (August 2013).