The Troll in Fremont

1. If you have been thinking you need to go on a diet and just haven’t mustered up the courage, maybe it is because your subconscious mind noticed the DIE in diet.

2. Going on a diet heavily suggests that there is something wrong with you. You feel ashamed. Have you managed to get your dog, your kids, your staff, or significant other to change their behavior by using shame?

3. Numerous experiments have shown that if you starve a rat (put a rat on a diet) he will, given the opportunity, eat more than before, especially sugar. Think about that for a moment.

4. Diet foods suck. With fake sweeteners, your brain thinks it recieved something your body can use, but where the hell is it? Those lovely nutrients never arrive. Well sugar can be a problem, but taking the calories out of sugar is not the answer.
5. Dieting ultimately teaches you to focus upon the wrong numbers. The number that counts is how often you manage to feed yourself with love, kindness, and consideration.

6. Dieting is a disconnect. Your left-brain with all its logic is put in charge. Your right brain with instinctual, feminine tendencies has been dismissed. Donuts don’t end your diet,your feelings do.

7. Dieting is often an event that begins and ends with a Food Bender.

8. Dieting is live, sexy, juicy bait for your Inner Rebel.

9. How much you eat, why you eat, overeat, forget to eat, and insist on eating the wrong foods, has never been sustainably resolved with a diet. Understanding and resolving your relationship with food is the sustainable answer.

Put your Mind in Charge