Minding Your Magnificence is from A Course in Miracles, where one is refreshingly and repeatedly reminded that you are not your body at all, but a spiritual being having a life in a body.

This sounds so sweet. Such a great and peaceful idea until your pants don’t fit.

You may want to be the most spiritually evolved person, but your ego may still shout, “Hey, just give me a pill, a camp, a new brain, an operation. Please, just give me anything to take away this extra fat.”

One of the maxims in hypnosis and life is that what you focus on increases. This is a call to stop being so mean to the body housing your precious spirit.

You may rarely yell at your pets, your loved ones, and yet think nothing of wasting zillions of thought time silently cursing at your own body for some unacceptable expanse or body part below your neck.

When you are so hard on yourself, the stress of such thinking makes it easier to gain more weight and suffering. There is a better way!

What if you took a different tact and began noticing with equal drama, the things you and your body do right?

Here is a free recording. Get comfortable. Click on the arrow. Close your eyes. Follow the words. Do your part to rewire your brain for love and appreciation. I wrote this years ago for weight loss clients who really needed to lose the habit of body bashing. Enjoy.

The title is Love the Skin You Are In.


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