Eating Sweets and Trauma

After successfully using EFT and hypnosis to lose bothersome middle-age weight,a client came back in because she was struggling to stay out of the cookie jar.  With a little probing, I discovered that her young adult-child had been in a serious car accident. Delving into the cookies often happened when her son was out…you know, driving!

Using EFT,we flattened her traumatic memory of his accident, and her fear of what could happen when he wasn’t home.She called me to say that her inner cookie monster disappeared.

Fear of Elevators and Flying and Trauma

Another woman booked a session because she was afraid of elevators and flying. She could force herself to do both, but not without extreme anxiety.

I discovered that once upon a time she received a phone call that changed everything about her life, and THEN she boarded a plane for a two hour flight. We flattened (in one session) every emotional aspect of this memory. She was pleasantly surprised that she was immediately able to ride in an elevator, and fly, without fear.

Headaches and Trauma

A young man came in looking for relief from anxiety headaches. All medical reasons had been ruled out. As a small child he and his brother and mother escaped their country. We spent a whole session on a train trip he had little conscious memory of, and his headaches immediately decreased.

Using EFT to Relieve Trauma in the Moment

 I received a call from a young woman who was driving her distraught roommate, who had just found out her boyfriend had committed suicide, home to be with her family. I did not know the girl and I did not know any of the circumstances.

In crises we are in an altered state and words take on increased meaning. I talked her through some EFT tapping points while saying these words, “Even though something horribly confusing has just happened, I will recover and feel better than I do right now very soon.” Over the phone I heard deep sighs (always a good sign in this kind of work!).

The woman driving called me later to say that the difference between her roommate before and after the call was remarkable.

EFT and Trauma

We are taught to suck up life experiences, and to just get over it. That can be useful, but our bodies, our minds,and even our cells, do remember.  EFT is an easy way to release trauma and take control of your body and your emotions. Once you learn how to use EFT, it is a tool you will always have for those times when you need freedom from your emotions.

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