My client had a big job organizing events, an exceptionally cool demeanor, and she had trouble staying asleep at night.

Underneath her exceptional poise, she was having panic attacks at inopportune times.

Her anxiety subsided after her first session. She listened to her recordings at night and was pleased with the positive change in sleeping patterns.

Things were going better, much better, and then she had a panic attack while watching TV.

My goal is always to get to the root cause.

Her Mom had mental breakdown and been hospitalized when my client was in grade school.

She doesn’t consciously remember much, but she did remember watching TV to pass the time after school, waiting for her Dad to come home.

We brainstormed about what that precious little girl was going through as we did EFT and then followed it up with some powerfully mind-shifting hypnosis.

That was last year. She is still sleeping well and the outside cool demeanor remains true on the inside too.

The combination of EFT and hypnosis is incredibly effective.